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“I feel tired, drained, and exhausted. I don't understand why...”

As I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, those were the thoughts that crossed my mind...

My business was on track to make a million, I was crushing my goals, I was in the best physical shape ever and in a healthy relationship… 

...and life was supposed to be good.

...but something was missing. My mind was racing, and I couldn’t shut it off.

I thought I should feel awesome, but instead, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted.

I felt like I was running on fumes

Let’s back it up a moment...

A few years before, I found out that my business partner was stealing from me...and also hooking up with my girlfriend behind my back… 

And I had to go through bankruptcy. 

To top it off...I had just lost my brother.

He came to me for a place to stay, to deal with his alcohol & heroin addiction…  

...But in fear of losing my business at the time, I told him no...

...3 days later, he died from an overdose.

Even though I was devastated...I didn’t show it.

My athletic and military training taught me to suppress my emotions, to “suck it up”, and "be a man"!

So that's what I did…

I “Warrior’ed up”.

I doubled down and worked harder than ever.

On the outside, everything looked great, but on the inside, I felt like shit.

Until one day, I felt like a pressure cooker about to explode at any moment…

I lost my ability to feel

On the outside, everything looked great in my life, but on the inside I was...

  • Stressed
  • Obsessive
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Addicted
  • Confused
  • Frustrated
  • Disconnected
  • Numb
  • Exhausted

I thought if I pushed it all down I would be ok...but I was wrong. I was slowly losing my ability to feel, and was completely unaware of it. 

Eventually, I lost my ability to feel anything.

“Nothing is wrong with me, I don’t have any problems, I can handle anything.” 

Can you look in the mirror and say you are happy, joyful, and passionate about your life right now? 

or … 

Do you feel like a robot?

Like you have done all the right things and should be happy but you've lost your excitement for life?

I felt the same.

I thought I was a badass. I didn’t need help, drugs, or therapy. 

I could handle anything life threw at me. I was a warrior with a strong armor.

But, the stronger my armor got I the more disconnected I felt…from my truth…something was off.

If you're in the same place, it's not your fault!

Most of us are taught by parents, school, or society to "suck it up".

"Move on" or "get over it"...

So we resort to pills, alcohol, and other addictions instead to escape.

I tried to escape from the truth too…

...with food, booze, drugs, sex, porn...anything.

But of course, none of that worked.

After a while, my body just started to become numb to it all.

My armor became an empty shell.

I used the warrior-up strategy as the primary strategy to deal with all the pain life threw at me.. 

I chased money, sex, and luxuries, but none of them fulfilled me. 

I thought that if I achieved more, reached more goals, and got more things, status, ____x, I would feel better…

...But none of that made me feel any better.

On the inside, I felt stressed.

My warrior armor became an empty shell.

I felt like a robot and lost all excitement for life.

I needed a way to reset and escape the stress...

So I started seeking ways to escape.

I tried therapy and drugs.

I traveled to "find myself".

I tried Ayahuasca with Shamans.

I took courses and hired mentors.

I tried just about EVERYTHING.

I thought it worked…for awhile…but would always end up back at the same place…

Then, I discovered something that changed it all...

...And it came from a place I never expected…

For years, I had been deeply involved in helping others heal through different aspects of personal development. 

While traveling the country for 2 years as a trainer and speaker for Tony Robbins doing over 1000 trainings, I thought I had mastered my emotions and healed my grief. 

I felt unstoppable. I had all the answers. I felt like I could help anyone solve anything.

Then, one day, I had a thought, “What would I do if I had no fear?”

The answer came to me...I would shine a light on the darkest places of humanity. 

Grief, loss, death, trauma...

So, I began to volunteer at hospice on the weekends. I tried helping others overcome their grief, loss, and trauma...only to be met with failure.

I was at a loss.



I thought I mastered tools for solving everything, but I had to start over.

So, I started a documentary and began interviewing grief and trauma experts to learn more answers. 

The most powerful awakening came from Ken, a man who would become a close mentor, who helped survivors from the 9/11, Boston bombing, and Sandy Hook disasters and their family members find peace after their grief and trauma.

He told me that feeling stressed & overwhelmed were signs that I was living in a survival state. To experience true freedom, I would need to develop a new set of awareness & tools around emotional mastery.

At first, I disagreed. I thought I was the master of my emotions. 

I was able to succeed in business, fitness, and in multiple areas of life by using peak performance strategies, but I dissociated from my emotions. I used my warrior-up approach to handle everything.

However, I had a lot of respect for Ken, because of the way he was able to help people. Since I had failed with my current toolset, I decided to learn a new set of tools.

So I decided to give it a chance. I figured I had nothing else to lose at that point.

I became obsessed with studying the science of the nervous system.

From how it responds to simple symptoms of stress or pressure to extreme cases of grief & trauma.

I even interviewed an additional 32 grief and trauma experts who were the best in their fields.

In my hunt for answers, I finally came across something that changed everything…

I was an addict and didn't know it

Science has proven that the brain has trouble telling the difference between a real or a perceived threat…to our emotional health… or our body.

So when you experience any real threat or what is perceived by the brain, body or nervous system as a potential threat, your brain tells your body to react by moving into a stressed survival mode…fight, flight, freeze or appease)… and then stores that memory for later to protect you from experiencing it again. 

The problem is, this stuff is triggered in your brain each time it experiences a real or perceived threat to your physical or emotional health... 

...or anything that resembles a past memory from daily stress...and activates you back into survival mode.

This floods your body and nervous system with adrenaline and other harmful chemicals that put a heavy stress on your body.


After going through this for weeks, months, and years...you get addicted to these chemicals.

And then these heavy stressed states become the new normal. 

So you end up living in a hypervigilant, anxious, or highly stressed state...and get addicted to it... 

But running at a redline for so long means that you eventually crash and burn out… and then you feel depressed, tired, exhausted, or burnt out. 

This is when high-risk behavior comes in…when your body is trying desperately to get you back up but you can’t do it because you have no fuel (cortisol) left. At this point, only high-risk behavior can pump in your veins the adrenaline needed to get you back up…so you become a risk junkie. 

But…this only leads downhill. 

And it only gets worse the longer it goes on.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I was addicted…

Addicted to SURVIVING.

Every day I woke up in survival mode. I was stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, afraid, and easily triggered. Yet, I was so numb to my actual emotions… that I thought & acted like I was cool.

  • I would tell myself don’t eat carbs… but eat a whole pizza. 
  • I would tell myself only 1 drink… but drink a bottle of wine.
  • I would tell myself no porn… but then watch it 2-3 times a day.
  • I would tell myself not to date emotionally unavailable or toxic partners… but then date them over and over again.

Then I would feel shame for what I did, but do it all over again.

I started realizing that I was REACTING to everything.

I was in fight or flight mode like an animal in the wild. 

It was either kill or be killed. Get eaten or run away.

The problem was...I wasn’t fighting for my life.

But my brain didn't know the difference.

Do you feel like you can’t control yourself?

Have you ever blown up or gotten angry at your partner or your kids?

Have you ever felt flooded with panic or anxiety when you have to make a big decision or do something important?

Are you a good parent, but still yell at your kids for the smallest thing?

Have you ever wanted to say no (but said yes?) or vice versa?

Have you ever said don’t do it (the drugs, alcohol, porn, sex, etc.) but did it anyway? 

Almost uncontrollably…then shamed yourself for doing it? 

Have you ever wanted to react one way, but when the moment came, you reacted an entirely different way?



It feels like you have no control over your emotions or reactions...

If you said yes to any of those, you’re not alone.

I didn’t know it, but in order to protect myself from my past stress, pain & traumas, my body had created survival mechanisms.

And my brain was reacting to these survival mechanisms to both real AND perceived threats to my emotional and physical health and my wellbeing.

This was putting me in a state of constant reaction to anything going on around me. Even if this reaction was healthy or unhealthy: numbing, isolating, avoiding, cleaning, working, working out, etc.

I thought I was in control, but my brain was the one in control.

My brain was slowly killing me

In the caveman days, when we got attacked, our brains went into survival mode, we escaped, and eventually calmed down.

In our modern world, our brains are always in survival mode.

We have work, family life, social media, the pressure to achieve, and so much more. All this is causing massive amounts of stress on your brain and your body.

This constant state of stress PLUS all of our past grief/trauma from real & perceived threats have put our bodies in a constant state of survival mode.

By living in these survival states for too long we develop mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and personality disorders...to adapt to living with these high levels of stress.

...And physical problems like weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.

Even problems in the bedroom.

(This applies to BOTH men and women.)

For some, it gets worse...like suicide or more serious addictions.

It’s bad stuff.

I didn’t realize that in trying to help me survive, my brain was killing me from the inside.

Like a computer, my brain was running an old software that needed an urgent upgrade.

...But for the first time, a path to freedom emerged.

I just needed a way to turn off survival mode.

Control your state with CPR regulated breathing

When I realized I was operating in survival mode, I knew that I had to find a way to turn it off.

I tried a bunch of the “woo woo” spiritual stuff, which was ok, but I wanted something more concrete and based on real science.

That’s when I discovered CPR Regulated Breathing.

CPR is a framework taught in the ERT method that helps you build awareness as to when you or your loved ones, employees, boss, partner, or any other relationships are in a survival state.

CPR Regulated breathing helps you turn off survival mode by going from an activated state to a regulated state.

To understand how this works, I need to give you a short background on the autonomic nervous system. Think of our nervous system as the roots of a tree. It’s connected to your entire body.

The autonomic nervous system functions to regulate the body’s unconscious actions. 

The sympathetic nervous system’s primary function is to stimulate the body’s fight/flight/freeze/appease response. This helps us survive when the brain feels we may be unsafe. 

When the brain feels threatened, it releases cortisol into the body which activates the sympathetic nervous system. This helps by getting us hyper focused on the threat. 

Symptoms Of An Activated State

  • We have a narrow black/white focus (to escape)
  • We look for clear hard black and white facts
  • We don’t like to make mistakes
  • We can be obsessive or fearful of being wrong
  • Our heart rate increases
  • We feel anger/fear/frustration, panic or anxiety 
  • We have short shallow breaths, blood flow moves to the large muscles, pupils dilate, hair stands up 
  • We lose our ability to have empathy, compassion, all executive functioning (logic/reason)
  • All non-essential functions stop 

For the body, stopping non-essential functions includes stopping digestion, stimulating glucose and epinephrine release. It also stops procreation functions making women experience vaginal dryness and men not being able to sexually perform. 

Entering the Regulated State

When the body feels we are safe, the brain absorbs the cortisol and this turns on the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Think of this as how we move from activated to regulated. Regulated means we go back to normal and everything comes back online. 

  • We are then able to learn and adapt
  • We see the big picture
  • We feel calm, peaceful, and excited, not worried about mistakes, heart rate decreases
  • We have compassion, empathy, and access to executive functioning 
  • Our digestion is stimulated 
  • Breathing regains to normal
  • Women and men can both perform better in the bedroom

Essentially, with the parasympathetic nervous system, we begin to relax and rest. Everything activated from the sympathetic nervous system reverses and we go back to regular functioning.

The key to your freedom.

So, what is happening is that we are living our lives with an activated sympathetic nervous system all the time. The combined stress from our past traumas whether we know we have them or not and current life stress has us so adapted that we consider this as normal and we do not even know we are hijacked. 

The fight with your spouse, the anxiety, depression, addictions, isolation, numbing, emotional outbursts, shutdowns, fighting, bad behavior, digestion problems, high glucose levels, inability to get erections for men, vaginal dryness for women, the way you react by fighting, freezing, flighting or appeasing... 

and EVERYTHING that you react to is the sympathetic nervous system being hijacked and trying to protect you…. But because it’s been running the show for way too long…it’s actually sabotaging your life instead of protecting you.

Now, if you truly get this…you will see that committing yourself to learning and mastering the ERT Method & CPR regulated breathing is the key to emotional mastery and emotional freedom. 

CPR Regulated breathing is the manual switch that helps us take control of our brain and nervous system by taking us from activated to regulated. 

The way it works is that specific types of regulated breathing activate your vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the human body that looks like the roots of a tree. When activated, it’s the manual pump to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Studies have found that stimulating the vagus nerve can help with depression, PTSD, inflammatory disease, and much more. If you understand the above, you understand why. 

In a nutshell, by stimulating the vagus nerve, you can control the state of your mind and body like flipping a switch.

This was the key I had been searching for…

Control your state in just 6-minutes a day

Like flipping a switch, CPR Regulated breathing can help you turn off survival mode and reduce stress on-demand.

The best part? You can do this in as little as 6-minutes a day. 

While at home, work, or anywhere you can sit down.

And anyone can learn how to do it.

With very specific Breathing Exercises, you can stimulate the vagus nerve and turn on your parasympathetic nervous system manually and turn off your survival mode at will.

You can calm your mind and your body without the need for drugs, therapy, or other stimulants.

Instead of being in a constant state of reaction, you can transform and train your mind to enter a state of response...

...Any time you want!

You can CHOOSE how you want to feel.

I wanted a simple way to feel great again, without relying only on prescription drugs or therapy.

So, it became my life mission to understand and master this.

After years of research, interviewing the world’s top experts to create solid frameworks and thousands of effective 1:1 and group coaching sessions, I developed what I now call The Emotional Resilience Training (ERT) method.

I developed the ERT Method to give you the training and toolset to move from a surviving state to a thriving state and get your life back again. 

After using the ERT Method, I was able to control my stress levels and my state of mind. I realized how it can be used in multiple areas of my life.

I used it to improve my health and fitness. I used it in my daily life to help me think with laser-like clarity and not allow emotions to overpower important decisions.

And, I finally had an integrated system to help others heal grief & trauma. 

As a result, I was able to build multiple businesses, come back to life again, and experience the joy, passion, and fulfillment this life has to offer. 


By using the ERT Method you will learn to build awareness to identify when you are in survival or an activated state. This allows you to  instantly control and regulate your emotions on-demand while also giving you control over your actions and reactions

For the first time, you can have the tools to take control of your mind and body to enjoy your life and feel alive again whenever you need it.

Why would you listen to me?


My name is Joshua Wenner.

I am an entrepreneur, veteran, filmmaker, and emotional resilience expert. 

I've facilitated over 1,000 peak performance training sessions nationwide as a trainer for Tony Robbins.

The death of my brother inspired me to interview 32 grief and trauma experts. This became the documentary film Grief to Grace which is currently in post-production.

For many years, I lived in a highly stressed state… unable to relax & enjoy the emotional freedom I desired. 

I also suffered from grief and traumas from my childhood, my past, and the loss of my brother.

I felt like there was no escape. 

Until I discovered the science behind Emotional Resilience and CPR regulated breathing.

That's why I've spent the last 20 years maximizing human potential and developing The ERT Method.

Today, my frameworks are helping entrepreneurs, first responders, veterans, doctors, parents and those that live & work in high-stress fields develop emotional mastery & freedom. 

I am the co-founder of one of the only companies in the U.S. that are trusted and hired to train veteran and first responder groups.

Now, for the first time, I am making this exact method available to anyone who can benefit from it, including you…

Go From Surviving To Thriving

With the ERT method, you can finally…

  • Boost your energy levels
  • Take control of your health
  • Be more productive
  • Rekindle your marriage
  • Bond with your kids
  • Trust others again
  • Fix broken relationships
  • Conquer your stress & fears 
  • Feel safe in your body
  • Feel whole again
  • Overcome addictions 
  • Gain more clarity and focus
  • Control anger
  • Feel love & connection again

The ERT method is a scientifically proven way to go from surviving to thriving and feel whole again in as little as 6-minutes a day.


The Emotional Resilience Training (ERT) Method

The Emotional Resilience Training (ERT) method is a way to upgrade your mind's software and turn off survival mode at will based on cutting-edge science.

The ERT method will help you use CPR regulated breathing techniques based on real science to control stress and get out of survival mode.

Now you can finally flip the switch and go from surviving to thriving. 

You will learn to control your thoughts and emotions to feel alive again.

No more blowing up at your spouse or kids after a long day. No more feeling empty inside. No more relying on booze, pills, or porn to escape your reality.

Now, you can have the tools to regulate your state of mind.

Here's everything you’ll learn in The ERT Method:

Emotional Resilience Training Program

The Emotional Resilience Training method includes 3 hours of videos to teach you the ERT method step-by-step…even if you’ve never taken a course to learn about the nervous system or emotional mastery.

Module 1: The Warrior's Story

Discover the warrior’s story to understand how we build armor, develop our stress response and how to experience true freedom.

Module 2: Emotional Resilience

Learn how to develop emotional mastery & how this will affect every area of your life. 

Module 3: Understanding Grief & Loss & How It Affects Us

Take a deep dive into understanding grief, discover the 4 levels of emotional trauma, and how grief and trauma may still be affecting you.

Module 4: The Science of Trauma and The Nervous System

Understand how trauma affects the nervous system and how and why we move into Survival state, and the action signals or trauma signs to identify when you may be activated.

Module 5: Child To Adolescent To Adult

Discover the ancient archetypes and how to identify trauma signs from childhood to move from a survival state to a thriving state. 

Module 6: Forgiveness

Understand how to use the science of emotional forgiveness to break free from the emotional shackles from your past. This type of forgiveness is backed by science to help you stop ruminating your past memories. This is done for you not for them.

Module 7: The C.P.R Method

Learn how to use the C.P.R. Method to become aware of when your nervous system is activated (in a survival state) and how to use the CPR regulated breathing to regulate your nervous system on-demand and breathe life back into you.

Total REAL Value = $4,997

When You Sign Up Today You'll Also Unlock These Bonuses

Bonus: Emotional Resilience Toolbox ($1997 Value)

Learn how to reset your mind and body using science-backed proven audio and emotional regulation breathwork techniques right at home.

These guided sessions are much more than just your typical YouTube meditation. 

We partnered with the top brain science sound lab in the world to create video and audio immersion experiences with binaural technology. A technology that produces real changes in the brain backed by neuroscience and research.

Studies have proven that Binaural audio technology changes the neuro activity of the brain. It’s known to reduce anxiety, increase focus, lower stress, increase relaxation, promote creativity, help manage pain, and improve memory.

We worked with the leading brain & Heart Rate Variability (HRV) scientists to create one of a kind audio tracks combined with CPR regulated breathwork, so you can control your state on-demand using cutting-edge science in an easy-to-follow video and soothing audio. You will feel relaxed, calm, and refreshed in just 6 min a day.

Here are all the bonus videos you will get access to as part of the ERT Toolbox:

CPR Emotional Regulation Breath (5 video lessons)

Includes step-by-step videos on how to regulate your emotions through the C.P.R breathing method.

CPR Advanced Emotional Regulation Breath (5 video lessons)

Includes a very specific emotional regulation Breathwork for veterans, first responders, doctors, parents, entrepreneurs, and those who live in a hyper-vigilant state a majority of their time. This is the one I designed for myself! 

CPR Emotional Regulation Breathing for Couples (5 video lessons)

It's said that couples who regulate together, stay together. These guided videos will walk you through emotional regulation breathing exercises you can do with your partner at home. Perfect as a bonding exercise and to regulate at home together.

CPR Reset Breath (3 video lessons)

This Breathwork allows you to reset your mind and body when you get stuck in a state and feel like you can’t get out. Very helpful to reset the entire nervous system to get back to a neutral, peaceful, and relaxed state.

Daily Meditations (2 video lessons)

You’ll also get our guided morning meditation to boost your focus in the morning for a productive day, and an evening meditation to help you unwind and sleep better at night.

Grand Total Value = $6,994


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Don't Take My Word For It

Here are some amazing folks who have transformed their lives by using The ERT Method…

I've had more growth than in the past two years of all the therapy, personal development, and other avenues I tried.

"I jumped at this opportunity. I feel that for myself over the past few years working with several different entities in personal development. I have had a lot of growth, but not what I truly wanted to get out of all those experiences. I've had more growth than in the past two years of all the therapy, personal development, and other avenues I tried."  

- Chad Armstrong, Operations Executive

I feel like I did some work here I couldn't have done anywhere else.

"I've done a couple of other programs involved with a lot of journaling, a lot of self-introspection...(with Joshua's program). I feel like I've had a spiritual and energetic cleansing. I've done some other programs, and this one really got in there and let me do some deep release. I feel like I did some work here I couldn't have done anywhere else."

- John Vitale, Founder at Focus at Will

This allows you to dissect what you're putting up with and be able to look deeper into the feelings.

"Mentally and physically I was a little lost. Dealing with some major events in my life like my dad dying, heart surgery, and some other events over time I was dealing with that I felt were dulling my inner-self. I think I took a lot of things pretty hard on myself as a perfectionist...it affected a lot of relationships I've had, friends, family, kind of really all aspects of my life. This allows you to dissect what you're putting up with and be able to look deeper into the feelings and emotions we hide that are taboo in our culture...as men especially. Supposed to be a man and not feel sad. In our day to day lives, we don't deal with this stuff."

- Robert Walter, Photographer & Graphic Designer

I feel like I have a clear path and the right questions to ask myself.

"I felt really understood...the struggles we go through and the challenges. The times when we want to beat ourselves up for not completing the goal on a set time. It was really rewarding, and I feel like I have a clear path and the right questions to ask myself to better plan and execute." 

- Damaris Aldama, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

I didn't know it was possible to have these kinds of breakthroughs.

"Josh has incredible strategies and exercises to loosen up the emotional blocks. It helps you ask those questions that help you cut a little deeper and access those parts we've often pushed down and hidden away. I didn't know it was possible to have these kinds of breakthroughs. Came into this not sure what to expect really. I trusted Josh. This experience... has really enabled me to come to terms with a lot of things and have some emotional breakthroughs that I don't feel like I've gotten from self-help books I've read or seminars I've seen. This is a much more personal and powerful way to transmute emotional blockages."

- Samuel Markus, Entrepreneur & Filmmaker 

I needed to face a lot of my own shit, and it was very good to do that.

"It's going to be uncomfortable, but it's the best kind of uncomfortable cause he'll challenge you and make you realize a lot of stuff and confront a lot of things you've probably avoided. And it's all healthy. I needed to face a lot of my own shit, and it was very good to do that. I haven't spoken with my father for over 10 years and my brother for over 13 years. I went through some of your techniques and work...and took your advice, I reached out and I believe in the work we did and today I have a great relationship with my father. I just finished visiting with my brother, probably the best visit I’ve ever had with him in our lives. Now things seem to be really cruising along."

- Ian Denchasy, Author

I was able to figure out why I was off track, now I'm back on track enjoying life.

"My marriage was struggling. I was struggling to connect with my kids. Working as a fireman was having some difficulties there. Since (using ERT), everything has been going wonderfully...I'm back on track, my marriage is going wonderful. My kids and I have a very good bond, I love them so much. Life is just really good again. Before I had everything I wanted, but I wasn't happy for some reason. I was able to figure out why I was off track, now I'm back on track enjoying life."

- John, Fire Fighter

I've made over a quarter of a million dollars in sales. 

"Joshua helps you to get out of your head. As a leader myself, it can be the most incredibly vulnerable experience to show the areas where you are stuck.  It's vulnerable to share that. In a very short time, I've made over a quarter of a million dollars in sales. Going from struggling to sell $500 packages to selling $75k packages. I give credit where credit is due. I highly encourage you to reach out and have a conversation."

- Katerina Satori, Coach/Founder

I had to break down in order to break through.

"I had to break down in order to break through. I knew there was some energy weighing me down in being my best and brightest. I've been mastering a lot more freedom in my own life emotionally, mentally, and financially."

- Tony, ERT Graduate

I've done over 16 years of personal development.

"I've been to many workshops or seminars where I've been extremely pumped and excited to go out and conquer the world. This is a little different. It's more of a calm relaxed sensation. It's hard to put into words. It's calm healing. I've done over 16 years of personal development. From big names like Tony Robbins to Wayne Dyer to Abraham Hicks to everything in between. I've never experienced anything like it before. I came here for business, and I'm leaving with a new level of love and respect for myself and my life, which is way bigger than a business to me."

- Aladdin Kazran, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Turned the spotlight on the exact things I should be paying attention to.

"Points of frustration signal the areas to work on. I found this useful because it made me feel these ways that I would normally avoid. It turned the spotlight on the exact things I should be paying attention to."

- Ben Landis, CEO

Avoid burn out

The longer you allow yourself to live in a state of survival mode, the more stress you are putting on your mind and body.

If you’re feeling burned out, or always hunting for the next thing and never feeling fulfilled, you’re operating in survival mode.

Either you can act now, or you could stay in survival mode until it harms you further and you completely burn out.

You deserve better.

You deserve to have your life back in your own hands.

Get this method now and start reaping the benefits of controlling your mind and emotions to create a life you love again.

Who Is This For?


As men, we deal with the pressures of being providers. We have to provide for our families. We’re also told to “man up” and ignore our feelings. So we bury them deep inside pretending like nothing is wrong. Eventually, this blows up in the form of anger at our partner, kids, or the guy who cuts us off in traffic (this shows up in so many ways). Do we want to list more? It eats away at you slowly from the inside until you feel empty and alone. With ERT, you can chip away at these issues and also control your state of mind to be a warrior without being cold or disconnected anymore.


As a woman, you are expected to be the caretaker. Even in modern society, there is a ton of pressure to have the perfect marriage or family. To have the beautiful dream home or the perfect career. Yet, this leaves you feeling frustrated, exhausted, unappreciated, lost, and empty inside. All this stress keeps you in your survival mode, forcing you to go into fight or flight. So you escape with social media, food, alcohol, or even your family life as a way of coping. With ERT, you can eliminate this stress and need for survival so you can feel passionate and alive again.


According to the Gottman Institute, “Couples that regulate together, stay together.” If you’re feeling like things at home just aren’t the way they used to be, it’s most likely because you’re both in an unregulated state. When in survival mode, you are in fight/flight/freeze or appease. By using ERT, you can regulate together as a couple, and turn off survival so you can reconnect again and move from surviving to thriving.

100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

I guarantee that if you make a diligent effort to use just a few of the techniques in this program, you’ll see an improved control of emotions and improvements in your life.
If you don’t, and can honestly say it didn't help you in any way, I’ll refund the entire cost of the program within 60 days as long as you have completed the ERT training and have practiced the ERT toolbox for 7 days.

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It’s Time To Feel Whole Again

Turn off survival mode and take control of your life again.

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The Choice Is Yours

If you’re still wondering if this is for you…

...I was in your shoes once…

I know how it feels to hold onto grief and frustrations…

...to try different courses, seminars, coaches, and workshops only to be disappointed. 

That's why I developed The ERT method.

To fix the gap between personal development programs, therapy, and hyped-up seminars that leave you wanting more...

While they each have their benefit, they seem to always leave out the important elements that truly make a difference.

ERT is that difference.

Now, you have a choice…

You can either stay where you are, going down the same path you're already on with grief, frustration, stress, anxiety, and fear…


You can take a new path, and learn the method that helped me and many others remove the blocks that once held us back.

So that you can go from surviving to thriving.

The choice is yours, my friend.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Today

When you sign up for The ERT Method today, you will unlock access to the entire Emotional Resilience Training Program valued at $4997.

This includes access to over 3 hours of training videos that will help you uncover the hidden traumas buried within you and take control of your emotions once and for all through regulated breathing methods.

This is the same method I developed for first responders, veterans, and professionals who deal with grief, loss, and trauma to get their life back…

You'll also get access to the ERT Toolbox which includes 16 step-by-step video or audio lessons and tools to help regulate your nervous system at home alone or with a partner ($1997 Value).

These bonus toolsets include science-based custom Binaural audio technology to reduce anxiety, increase focus and concentration, lower stress, increase relaxation, promote creativity, help manage pain, and improve memory.

This is everything you need to remove the buried trauma within you and free yourself to thrive again.

If you’re ready to experience feeling the joy for life again, then click to get started below, and let’s get to work.


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Just 3 installments of $79

Click Here To Get Instant Access

or Click Here to Make One Payment Of $197

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Turn off survival mode, feel good in your body, and take control of your life again.

Just 3 installments of $79

Click Here To Get Instant Access

or Click Here to Make One Payment Of $197