Go From Surviving To Thriving

Discover how the most successful and attractive people are using this breakthrough method to experience freedom from feeling stressed and overwhelmed (in just 6 minutes a day).

This FREE Breathwork Training Reveals:

  • A new method to escape feeling depressed, tired, exhausted, or burnt out for individuals or couples.
  • How to FINALLY take control over your emotions & reactions using simple breathing techniques anyone can learn...
  • How to use this method to stop fighting with your spouse, reduce anxiety, depression, addictions, isolation, numbing, emotional outbursts, and uncontrollable behavior.
  • How this method is helping people based on concrete science and not "woo woo" spiritual stuff without drugs or therapy.

About Your Instructor

My name is Joshua Wenner.

I am an entrepreneur, veteran, filmmaker, and emotional resilience expert.

I've facilitated over 1,000 peak performance training sessions nationwide as a trainer for Tony Robbins.

For many years, I lived in a highly stressed state… unable to relax & enjoy the emotional freedom I desired.

I also suffered from grief and traumas from my childhood, my past, and the loss of my brother.

I felt like there was no escape.

Until I discovered the science behind Emotional Resilience and CPR regulated breathing that changed everything.

I've spent the last 20 years maximizing human potential and developing The ERT Method.

Today, I will introduce this method to you.